Are you coming to Italy? Do you need a place to stay for a week, for a month or for a year?



We have a variety of possibilities at different price ranges. You can stay in an apartment or a bed & breakfast in the city of Florence  



Do you want to buy a vacation home?

If you are looking to rent or to buy property in Italy we will find the right house for you. All apartment agreements and all the paperwork involved in Italian real estate transactions will be explained to you in English and taken care of (where law permits) by the agency. We can also provide you with advice and assistance in obtaining financing for your prospective purchase.    

You have come to the right place!


We are specialists in temporary relocation and can arrange your accommodation, a school for your kids, a family doctor, etc…


We tirelessly search.

For as a diverse range of properties as possible… So you can have an optimal range of choice!

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